Why Choose Critizal Data Back-Up

Critizal provides data storage and back-ups for clinics and physicians in Ontario to protect their crucial patient data. By providing four different packages that include progressive amounts of data, clinics can ensure they’re paying for only what they need.

Choose the package that best suits your current needs. As you require more data, Critizal will upgrade you to the next package without charging you extra in overage costs.

Fully Managed Back-Ups

80% of downtime and data loss is caused by human error. Even the best clinical IT specialist makes the occasional critical mistake. But, with Critizal’s fully managed and fully automated back-ups, human error is no longer an issue. Because it is fully managed, automated, and monitored by Critizal staff, your staff don’t have to worry about making sure it is backing up like it is meant to. Everything is taken care of for you.

Continuous Back-Up

Every 15 minutes, Critizal scans your data and uploads your changes to the back-up server. This means that, in the event of a data disaster, you will lose, at the most, 15 minutes of data. This is absolutely crucial for getting your clinic back up and running. A 15 minute loss is far superior to other data back-up methods, which often only back-up once or twice a day.

Automated Recovery

In the event of data loss, Critizal is right there with a back-up for recovery. Very little user interaction is necessary in the recovery process. Through the web portal, your IT manager can start the recovery process, then sit back and watch even the most complex clinical environment be restored in very little time. Even in the middle of a data disaster, your clinic can be back to business-as-usual in no time..

Long-Term Offsite Data Retention

Clinics have very specific data retention needs. Because the government requires you to keep your patients medical records for a set period of time, Critizal may be the perfect choice. With plenty of storage in our Ontario-based data centres, you can comply with the governments requirements without filling storage lockers full of paper charts or spending a fortune on back-up servers just to store old files.e.

Web Portal Management

While Critizal back-up and recovery services are fully automated and there is no need for you to track your own back-ups, your peace of mind is our primary concern. To this end, Critizal’s web portal provides detailed information on your back-ups including data storage and usage, back-up details, and recovery information. All of this information is accessible from anywhere through a web browser. This allows you to check up on your data at any time, to allow you complete confidence in the safety of your critical information.

Off-Site Medical Data Protection or Rapid Recovery

Critizal provides data protection for all of Ontario

We provide complete medical data protection and disaster recovery services back by dedicated customer support and the best of local datacenter technology.


100% Canadian owned and Operated

We operate exclusively in Ontario Canada. We provide healthcare providers a safe and secure location to store medical records data as per eHealth specifications and Canadian privacy laws.

  • Locally stored medical data
  • Reliable, safe, and secure
  • Integrated with your EMR solution