About Critizal Solutions

Critizal provides fully automated data back-up and recovery for Ontario physicians and their patients. We protect some of Ontario’s most critical and sensitive data reliably with strength and integrity so you can always be assured that your patient’s data is 100% protected. We make protecting your data our top priority so you can turn your attention to what matters: your patients.

Critizal uses cloud-based data protection which has proven its capabilities time and time again and organizations at all levels of business have taken notice. Not only does the cloud provide reliable data back-ups, it can lower costs by reducing staffing needs required with other back-up options. Cloud-based data protection has been recognized as superior to traditional tape-based back-up solutions because of its efficiency, both to manage and to access in a disaster situation. With an automated, cloud-based back-up disaster recovery plan in place, clinics can ensure they will meet their desired recovery point and recovery time objectives, often without any disruptions to the clinical operations at all. The fully managed back-ups allow your IT staff to focus their efforts elsewhere.

Why Your Clinic Data Needs Protecting

As the rest of the world becomes increasingly reliant on technology, so too are Ontario clinics. With the increase in EMR adoptions, physicians are finding themselves worrying about a whole new concern over patient medical information:

How can medical data be protected when it becomes virtualized?

As you move from paper charts to electronic medical records, your data is already safer than it has ever been. Digital data is safer from theft, fire, and flood than your patient’s paper charts ever were, and your concerns about space and storage are eliminated. Also it’s easy to be proactive about protecting your patients’ medical records when they are stored digitally.

Putting an automated disaster recovery system in place ensures your patient data is always kept 100% secure, safe from hardware malfunctions, data corruption, power failures, and natural disasters such as floor, fire, and storms, which can affect the servers on which your data is stored. An automated data back-up and disaster recovery system will allow you and your staff to focus on what’s important – your patients – rather than fighting with properly executed data back-ups and recovery. Even if you choose to hire a full-time IT specialist to handle your technology needs, automated data services will allow them to focus on tasks that will help your staff use technology and interact with patients more efficiently within your clinic.

Critizal is 100% owned and operated in Ontario. Because our data servers are located in Canada, physicians are free to use our data back-up and disaster recovery services without risking their EMR adoption funding.

Protect Your Patients Data

With Critizal, all your data back-ups and disaster recovery systems are fully automated meaning you never have to worry about whether your patients’ data is safe. And, if you experience a data disaster? Your data will be available to you, as current as possible, the moment you’re back online.

Consider this situation: you come into your clinic one morning after an intense storm. Unfortunately, the window in your server room was smashed by a falling branch and your server is sitting in an inch of water. It’s off and you can’t get it to start again. No worries, you think. You had just ordered a new server, which arrived two days ago, though you hadn’t had a chance to implement it yet. You have a new server up and running in no time. But, what about your data? Without managed back-ups, you may be able to restore from a disk or tape back-up that your IT technician took at 4 pm before he or she left for the day, but all the data from 4 pm until closing time will be gone.

Critizal, on the other hand, updates your back-up file with new data every 15 minutes. On top of that, the web portal to manage your back-ups and recovery is straight-forward and easy to use. With Critizal, you have all your data restored on the new server in a matter of minutes and you’re ready to start your day, business as usual, right at opening time. Once you and your staff get the server room cleaned up, it’s as if a disaster never even happened.

The process couldn’t be simpler or more effective.

Managed Back-Ups

With Critizal’s fully managed and fully automated data back-ups, human error is no longer an issue.

Continuous Back-Up

Every 15 minutes, Critizal scans your data and uploads your changes to the back-up server.

Automated Recovery

In the event of data loss, Critizal is right there with a back-up for recovery. Very little user interaction is necessary in the recovery process.

Long-Term Retention

With plenty of storage in our Ontario-based data centres, you can comply with the governments requirements for data retention.